Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Growing Up Too Fast for Mom's Liking

My shy, oldest son has volunteered to wear a white tux all day to school today for a Tux Shop in Newton. As a reward he will get his tux at an extreme discount for prom. I'm proud of him for thinking financially and for being willing to put himself out there like this. However, it's a bit too much of a reminder of how fast time is flying by and how grown up he is getting! Doesn't he look HUGE! The girl he's taking to prom might come up to his chest, maybe.

He's also trying out for a duet at the upcoming Variety Show. He is just full of surprises.

The Swathers made the state basketball tournament so the first game is Wednesday night in Salina. So another week of b-ball for us! Tennis started a week ago Monday so no such thing as a buffer week in this house!
Micah has started falling on the ground and crying, "Nooooo" when we mention heading to another game. We left him with a sitter for Sub-State finals and he was very excited to stay home and play. Grant stayed too and did most of the babysitting I think. Even putting Micah to bed and reading him books.

We are headed for Orlando Sunday but leaving Micah behind. Thanks mom and dad and Des for taking care of him while we are gone. I am SO looking forward to getting away from all the pressures of life and being fully present in each and every moment. No to do lists in my head, no e-mail to check, no phone calls to return, no deadline to meet, no meeting to attend, no house cleaning to do. Just enjoy being together. Pray for good weather and safe travels and that the week will go quickly for Micah and slowly for us! And pray for refreshment of my soul. It could really use it!

We get back on Friday and Grant's birthday is Saturday. Hey Fam, are we doing a March b-day party?

Life is busy but good. Not a lot of time to write as usual.