Monday, April 27, 2009

Hesston Variety Show

The Variety Show was such a blast! We had such a great time and laughed so hard. I wish you all could have been there. Here's a sampling:

Drew and Jessica Betts sang a duet, "Lucky." Listen to that smoothe tenor.

The opening number "Come on Everybody." Drew is on the right. His partner is wearing a lilac poodle skirt. The lighting starts out kind of wierd but it gets better.

The boys sing " Roots of Rock N Roll." Drew starts out on the back row, right.

Drew, Garrett Byler and Joel Thiessen in a skit called, "Normal Guy." I think Drew was glad to be in his part and now Joel's! The second to last line is kind of hard to hear but it is, "Think I should call and warn the nursing home?"

The whole group performing "Brotherly Love." Drew is on the right and at the beginning one of the other guys jumps into his arms.

The group makes up "ditties" to introduce themselves. Pretty funny!

We've attended this show for so many years (20+) and it is always fabulous. It's a bit surreal to have your own child up there! What a great opportunity and so fun to watch your child blossom before your eyes! Thank you Mr. Miller!

I noticed that Blogger seems to crop the video so if you want the full screen version, go to YouTube and type in Hesston Variety Show 2009 and you'll find these and more.