Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Month in the Life

I can't believe summer is finally here. And just in time. The Energizer Bunny I am not. I am not genetically encoded to keep going and going and going.

Here is a pictoral review of the past month in no particular order since I can't ever get pictures to stay where I want them in this blog.

Plenty of concerts - both band and vocal.

Still try to make time for Micah in the shuffle of activity. He loves to take pictures of carpet, chairs, ceilings and feet. This time I tried to show him how to aim.

Regional, Sub-State and State Tennis thrown in the same week as graduation. Drew and Joel got beat by the eventual state champion doubles team at Sub-State. Mark's other doubles team took 3rd and his singles player took 8th.

A little 2 on 2 basketball as the school year was winding down. I'm not sure who won. Drew and Grant took on Dean and Dad. I think it was pretty even.

Prom. Drew took his friend, Emily Harder. Aren't they dapper?

Drew was officially awarded his scholarship for his Veteran's Day essay at the Award's Banquet.

Dean "graduates" from middle school. Two in high school? How is this possible?

Micah is finally four. I don't think he could believe the day had finally arrived. For several months he had been asking, "How come it's taking for so long to be four?" Hannah and Scott were there as well which was a treat!

Dean and Tanner were asked to MC the middle school talent show. They did a great job - kept the show moving with just enough self-depracating humor to keep things light. They were also very encouraging to every single act. I was told by the director that they set a new standard for MC's! (Dean's in blue. I know it's too far back.)

Drew wanted to have a campout in the back yard when school got out. When I saw the tents from the house, I did not immediately think "techno campout" but sure nuff. Extension cords hooking up tvs and game systems all housed in a game tent (to keep off the dew I was told - good thinking!) Not a lot of sleeping though.

Now we are settling into our summer routine. Whatever that is. Micah and Grant are taking swimming lessons this week and next, as is Daniel who is staying with us through next week. (J & S on holiday.) Tennis clinic will start next week. Micah is also doing "preschool" two mornings a week with four of his friends while I work . Our pastor's daughter was needing a June job to raise money for her trip to Indonesia in July. A win-win for her and us moms.

Micah has been enjoying having his brothers around and just being home more. We all have. He's getting plenty of attention these days and not asking every minute for a friend to come over. We were all needing a change of routine from being "bossed around" by the school calendar. I think we're all breathing a sigh of relief.

Mark's been working hard around the house. He installed new lights in our kitchen this weekend and we all worked in the yard. Yesterday and today he is painting some cupboards we're going to put in our den.

I'm mostly focusing on trying to get the house picked up, touching base with work (I'm covering for Tiffani who had her baby yesterday) and staying one step ahead of the rush for food. The first and last one are the biggest challenges. We had 8 for lunch today. I suspect that will be a recurring event.

We have been having a "no electronics" week so the boys have really been filling their time well, playing tennis, seeing friends, reading, playing with Micah, riding bikes, playing their instruments, trips to the library. It really helps us all make the transition into summer if the TV and games stations are not an option. (Sorry Daniel - we didn't warn you about that.) Everyone is so much more content. It's quite amazing actually what a good effect it has on our whole family. We may have to extend it but make an exception for the French Open. We did watch a rented movie tonight together. Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler. It was really funny and entertaining. Thumbs up for the whole family!

Hope your summer is off to a good start! We are loving ours so far. I had the boys write their list of things they want to do this summer. That way, if they get bored, they can read it and remember what they wanted to do before the summer slips through their fingers. It always goes so fast.

Just found an older draft that I never published with pictures of Micah and Kenzie last fall. If you'd like to read it too, click here.