Sunday, July 12, 2009

Micah's Philosophy

We were at Dean's basketball game the other night when Micah noticed a little girl about his age enter the gym. She had long brown hair. Micah said in a breathless voice, "Mom, look at that beautiful girl." I looked and said, "Yes, she is pretty isn't she." He stared for awhile and then looked at me and said triumphantly, "Jesus made another friend just for me!" I said, somewhat facetiously, "You and Adam, huh" not thinking he would get it. But he thought for a moment and then said, "Except that snake was naughty."

That pretty much sums up Micah's approach to life. He has this approach of "I know we are going to be great friends so let's get on with it." Dean was a lot like this too, and still is really. Whenever we go anywhere new, Micah looks all around for someone his size. When he sees them, he says, "Mom look, a friend for me! Can I go play with them?" He's realized four year olds are more receptive but if an adult shows any interest at all, he's not picky. He would crawl into the lap of pretty much any stranger that showed him the time of day.
(Kind of scary!) I hope we can teach him to maintain his approach to friendship while still teaching him to be cautious!

Projects Galore

My sister has been inspiring me on her other blog, Budgets are the New Black, to pay closer attention to our finances. At the rate we are spending money, it's seems like an oxymoron right now. However, it is spending we planned for and we have not gone over budget. So far, we are under budget. Hope it stays that way.

Project Number One - new storage is DONE in the den. Mark did most of the work. Didn't he do a great job! We bought the cupboards at Lowe's and painted them, added hardware, the shelves in between them and created the desktop over both. (That was my part.) While I was staining, I also redid the top of the coffee table. (What do you think, Carmen? ) I'm still trying to decide whether to paint the fireplace white but think I'll leave it for now. Anyone have an opinion?

We also added cupboards above the desk at the other end of the den. The purpose in all this is to have a home for everything. I would get so overwhelmed looking at all the paper sitting around my house and I realized so much of it did not have a place to go. So now, I am excited to say, there is a home for everything with room to spare. What a relief.

We also put a new light fixture over the kitchen eat-in table and in the kitchen itself. The former involved climbing around in the attic for an hour or more so it truly deserves some kudos.

The next project has been the roof. Drew, Mark and Dean each put in about 19 hours in a day and a half. They started at 6:30am Friday morning, quit at 9:30pm and then finished on Saturday morning from 6:00am to 10:00am. They had help from two other guys from our church, Roman on Friday day and Craig on Friday night and Saturday morning. Craig (pictured here) was our expert who made sure we didn't mess the thing up. Mark also replaced all the facia (sp?) board and flashing. Gutters still to come.

We have hired Craig to come back in a couple weeks to help us replace windows and siding. I should have taken a picture of our current siding so you could appreciate the need. I'd have to be able to take a picture of a draft to show you the need for the windows - something my technology cannot do but I'm guessing it's out there.

Front done, back still to go.

Super Mark is also planning to build a carport over the slab next to our double garage out back. We have been hiring the boys to help with all this so this is their summer work as well. Poor Mark isn't getting paid directly of course but if he stays underbudget, that's kind of like wages, right?

I was so proud of how hard the boys worked. My quads are aching and all I did was clean up debris around the yard for several hours. I know they are sore today. Halfway through Saturday, I was telling Dean how proud I was of him for working so hard and he said, "It feels good to work this hard!" I joked and said in my bass voice, "Yes, it is good for a man to do hard, hard work." He replied, totally serious, "It really is." In some ways, this became a right of passage, a landmark that they will look back on and know they did man-sized work and took another step toward becoming a man. You may laugh and think I'm making too much of it but I don't think I am. It is a good example of why telling a kid, "Be a man" doesn't work but making him work or act like a man does.

We were supposed to go boating with friends at Table Rock this weekend but I decided they needed to stay home and help with this project instead. (I could have taken the kids on my own.) I'm so glad they did and what is amazing is so are they. Of course they both earned $200 so that helps too.