Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No Light by Grant

Not very long ago there was a storm that affected an electricity pole. So many places in our town the lights were flickering on and off like fire flies’ light. At the elementary school the kids were like party animals at the biggest and best party in the world, and that’s not all.

When I got home, there was not one ounce of electricity besides things that run on batteries. Ever nook and cranny and everywhere in the house was cold. Specifically upstairs. For example, I almost got frost bites up there. However my big brother lit a blazing fire that illuminated the whole basement, and in addition to the fire we lit candles to help ward off the darkness.

When I saw that blazing fire I all of a sudden felt lazy and popped into a chair faster than you can say “sweet mashed potaters.” I didn’t do anything but read until my mom came home with Braum’s, and believe it not, I scarfed that stuff so fast I rivaled a pig.

The day wound down and we played Apples to Apples by firelight. But around 7:40pm we got power. The power eliminated our need for candles. So that’s the whole story about a tiny ice storm.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Who's on First?

We have joked in the past that for Micah's gifts we could get formica samples and put them on in lieu of a gift card because it's For Micah (formica), get it? Well today, Mark and Micah went to Kropf Lumber to pick up formica and we had our own Abbot and Costello routine going:
Micah: "What's that daddy?"
Mark: "It's formica."
Micah: "For me?"
Mark: "No, it's formica?"
Micah: "Sanks, daddy."
Mark: "You're welcome."
Micah: "Dew, look, it's for me!"
Drew: "What is it?"
Micah: "I non't know."
Drew: "It's formica."
Micah: "Yeah, it's for Micah."
Drew: "What is it?"
Micah: "It's for me!"
Drew: "It is? What is it?"
Micah: "Daddy, what is it?"
Daddy: "It's formica."
Micah: "Yeah, it's for me!"
It could go on but you get the idea. And, it came with bag of popcorn so what else could a guy want. It was pretty funny!

We were eating pancakes this week and the boys were trying to get Micah to say syrup. Micah says surabup.

Drew: Micah, say syrup.
Micah: Surabup
Drew: Say Sur Up.
Micah: Sur-a-bup
Drew: Say sur
Micah: Sur
Drew: Up
Micah: up
Drew: Sur-up
Micah: Surabup
Drew (refusing to give up): Sur
Micah: Sur
Drew: Up
Micah: Up
Drew: Sur Up
Micah: Sur Up
Much applause!
Drew: Syrup
Micah: Surabup
Much laughing

We're finally all healthy again. Drew had his last game last night, a heartbreaker against a rival private (think recruiting) school. I said, "Don't you want to have one more game to end on a good note?" He said, "Nah, it'm ready to be done." Well he's not quite done because he's practicing with the varsity as long as they continue through sub-state/state. Tennis starts Monday (yes in the middle of winter) so he'll have no break between seasons unless the weather stays terrible or the team doesn't play like we all think they should.

Dean has been taking his bass lessons and he and some friends are trying to put their musical efforts together. Since we don't own the trap set, I haven't heard them much but the family who does own the trap set invited us over to listen so we'll have to take them up on that.

Grant has had his nose in a book continuously for the past two weeks. He's either doing that or shooting baskets, inside or out.

Micah is feeling much better and back to his old self. You start to think they are just going through terrible two-dom and they are just going to be like that for awhile. Then when they snap out of it, you realize they just probably still weren't feeling well.

Micah's new word is "darnit." I have told Dean to cut it out of his vocabulary because it sounds terrible coming out of a 2 year old's mouth. Then I caught (okay, actually Micah caught) me saying it the other day. I had to immediately say, "Oh mommy was so naughty" and apologize to Micah. Yesterday Micah was trying to do something (can't remember what) and it was difficult for him. He said, "Oh, dr... Uhhhh. Mommy, I want to say darnit! Please can I say darnit?"
"No, Micah, that's naughty."
"Otay mommy."

Today, he was trying to get out of his carseat after returning with groceries. He got frustrated with his seat belt and said, "Oh goodness. Mommy I want to say oh goodness."
"Good Micah, that is good to say oh goodness."
"Sanks mommy."

I'm not sure how he came up with "oh goodness" but I think it's hilarious that even at such a young age, there is this NEED to have a way to express frustration. Aunt Carmen suggested her favorite, fiddlesticks. We'll work on that next.
2-25-08 Postscript: We've been trying out "widdlesticks." Micah wants to know where the widdle sticks are. He likes widdle sticks because they are fun to pound on drums.

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Crud

Okay, enough is enough. We have had one form of crud or the other for the past month and I'm ready to be done already! Does anyone know how to fumigate a house in a way that kills germs and not people? We have passed around flu, strep (twice), colds and coughs for what feels like forever! I have replaced 12 toothbrushes in three weeks and need to get another set of six this weekend. I can't remember the last time anyone was on antibiotic and now we have filled 8 prescriptions in 3-4 weeks. I cannot exactly remember the last time we were all healthy. I think it was Christmas vacation. Calgon, take me away!

I am so ready for sunshine and ultra-violet rays that kill anything in their path. I'm ready for boys who come in sweaty and smelly because they've been playing outside for hours instead of cold and feverish and lacking in energy. I'm ready to open the windows in stead of stoking the fireplace. Spring cannot come soon enough for me.

On a more humorous note, Micah has been adding new phrases to his vocabulary. He and his friend, Kenzie, recently spent a couple hours together. Kenzie was telling Micah a few things and when there was a lull in the conversation, he said, "Now my question is..." Only trouble was, he had no question. So he just said something silly. I think he thinks the phrase means, "It is now my turn to talk and I would like to use it." Kenzie thought the whole thing was quite funny so she followed suit and they took turns "asking questions" for awhile.

I tease Des that Kenzie is getting Micah ready to marry. She hollers out, "Miiiii-Caaaah" when they aren't in the same room. Micah comes running out and says, "Yes, Kenzie? Yes?" I said all he has to learn is "You're right dear" and he'll be ready. Of course it was at Kenzie's house that Micah dressed up in high heels, a Dora Princess Dress and crown so maybe he has a few other things to learn about being the man of the house before he's ready for marriage.

Dean finally saved enough for his new bass guitar and has started lessons this week with his band instructor. The band instructor is very excited for Dean to learn and is already making plans for Dean to join the jazz band later. Hopefully Dean will respond well to this encouragement and work hard at this. Dean works hard at sports but he tends to like everything else to be easy so this will be very good for him. Dean has a few weeks before tennis starts so we're really trying to focus on his guitar and get him off to a good start before his attention is divided. (Okay, so maybe that's one blessing from winter still continuing.)

Drew drove himself to the doctor this week. Somehow that felt like the equivalent of a first word or first step, like we crossed a giant milestone somehow. He just looks older now. He's back into the swing of basketball although he's had to miss two games with strep. It's very fun to watch he and his team play. He's having a great year on the court and off.

Grant has been shooting baskets non-stop. When there is no snow-ice he goes outside. When there is, he goes into a bedroom with an over the door goal or downstairs to the pull out goal that hangs on the wall. It is paying off because he has been scoring a good majority of the points in his games. He's also doing a lot of reading and piano playing and if I catch him watching TV it's usually the History Channel. He turned it off tonight though and said, "Mom, don't watch 'The Universe.' It's a bunch of lies. You know, millions of years and big bang and all that. Well I guess it did happen like that. Cause in the beginning God spoke and Bang, it happened." Smart kid.

I remember when the boys were younger and they'd start to go stir crazy in January and February I would make them put on their boots and coats and run laps around the house. Drew had to run something like 28, Dean 23 and Grant 15. They were probaby 4, 7 and 10. They looked at me in disbelief the first time I made them do it but then later, when I'd tell them they either had to stop wrestling or go run laps, they'd get their coats and boots on, assign each other the number of laps and off they'd go.

Now they don't wrestle as much. Instead they all play their instruments at the same time or wander from PS-2 to TV to computer to MP3 looking for something to pass the time. Thank goodness for sports practice. Lately the tennis raquets are laying on the floor every time I turn around. I think they must get them out just to look at them and hold them in anticipation of spring. Dean has gone to the college gym to hit and they did get out last weekend when we had a bit of a reprieve from winter.

Old Man Winter, it's time for you to move on out. I don't care what the groundhog says, you're overstaying your welcome! Bring on spring!