Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crazy Drummer Boy

Micah loves to get out all my pots and pans to make a drum set.  I had just finished washing and drying all the pots in the sink (all we owned it seemed) when Micah had his brainstorm.  So I told him he could take two of mine.  So he added his own resourcefulness to complete his trap set.  I thought it was especially clever that one of the two things from the cupboard he chose was the steamer that sounds a lot like a symbol.

He starts off slow but oh boy does he get going!  He is actually quite good!  And hilarious.  There are three different videos but each have their own particular flavor.   Enjoy the concert.

In this one he warns, "I'm really gonna rock 'n roll."

This one includes his own poetic response to the current economy.  "The jobs are gone."  I have no idea where he gets this.  Perhaps too much Obama commentary around the dinner table?  Who knows.