Monday, September 21, 2009

Micah's News

Micah at times longs for heaven. It used to scare me a bit but he has done this for over a year now so I'm no longer bothered by it. He will say, "Mom, I want to go to heaven" in this whiny voice similar to what he uses when he says, "Mom, I want to watch a movie" when I have told him no more electronics! It's as though he is being denied the thing he knows will most make him happy. We have not talked a lot about heaven so I can only suppose his knowledge and hunger for it comes straight from God Himself. I have often wondered, from the things my kids say in their preschool years, if they somehow have memory of heaven or at least a more direct connection to God. The things they say about God have not been taught by human parents.

But this last time, he had a follow up question. "How do you get there mom?" So I told him that heaven is for everyone who has asked Jesus in their heart. He said, "I want to do that." So we talked for awhile about why we need Jesus in our heart, that we have sinned, what sin is and what Jesus did to pay for our sin. I fully expected him to lose interest as we talked and to move along to another topic but he did not. He said he wanted to have Jesus in his heart and asked me to help him. So we prayed together and he asked Jesus to come into his heart! I was very excited and asked if he wanted to call his grandparents but he said, "No, I'm goin' outside to play."

I've heard him singing loudly a few times, "Jesus is in my heaaarrrt!" I remember very well the day I asked Jesus in my heart when I was about his age so I hope this day will remain a cornerstone for him. I am greatful for this "deposit" by the Holy Spirit into Micah's life. I am greatful for his yearning for heaven. He is good at reminding me that this world ain't it. IT is still to come!


Daisy Ruth Roberts said...

Yeah Micah! Jim and I are so excited for you--the best thing you will ever do! Pretty cool to look forward to Heaven with such special ones with us, Cherilyn.

Jolyn said...

What a great post. I wish everyone could write one of these.

Jerilyn said...

Micah, I long for heaven sometimes too. I'm so glad you now know that you're really going there some day.